The Photobooks I Provide

Wedding and Family Book

I searched for a long time to find a photobook  that my clients could buy to remember there special occasion. I came across Graphistudio an Italian brand who's quality is superb. All of there photobooks are hand maded to a design a specification that my clients choose. This can be from  very basic to a very luxurious book, the choice if my clients choice.

The process starts by a consultation whereby I will go through the options for the books as Graphi does various types. Once the choice is made then I will discuss the type of paper to be used for example photographic, metallic, thick or thin paper. We would then move from here to the type of cover and binding again lots of options.  

Wedding and Family Book

Now all the design has been chosen I will ask my clients to select the picture they want from my proofing site.  Once they are chosen then I can get to work on the layout design of the pages. This is again agreed with my clients. Once I have done a draft of the book I will send it to my clients for to proof and make any amendments they feel are necessary.

I like to say that the photobook is another service after the event, whether it be wedding photography, Portrait Photography, Modelling Book, Or just a fun book.

Here is he latest wedding book I have produced