Wedding Photobooks

Images taken on your special day can be skilfully laid out in a photo book that will allow you to capture that irreplaceable memory for generations to come . Inside this exquisitely made book you will find the highest quality of pictures to present a memory that makes you feel as if it happened yesterday.

The photobooks.

Those who love style, elegance and class will love Graphistudios photo books as they are expertly handcrafted in Italy with the highest grade materials. .

Graphistudio books are known worldwide as one of the most accomplished examples of modern craftsmanship from Italy. This comes from the accurate selection of materials, research and development at the beginning of the creative process, not to mention the precision of the finer details.

The printing quality is guaranteed to impress thanks to strict procedures and the expertise of the technicians. This calibrates our printers more than once a day, correcting every minimal flaw and making sure the photographer can enjoy a perfect consistency of the colours.

If this Company’s ethos must be summarised in a sentence, that sentence would be: Attention to the detail, attention for the product, but also attention for the people starring in the photos. Graphistudio makes sure that every single book is a work of art and that it does not arrive to your door with room for disappointment as their mission is to leave you feeling overly impressed with every detail.

The Young Book

This book is authentic and features an unconventional elegance. It is a style that expresses new forms, imposing itself as a modern classic based on creativity and craftsmanship. The clear identity of the Graphistudio brand has developed over the years while remaining firmly grounded to its roots. An unmistakable style that blends a clear inclination to innovation with the strong Italian mark of its origins..

The concept

Fresh and up to date, the YOUNG BOOK perfectly encapsulates the fine balance between timeless craftsmanship and the interpretation of a yet unexpressed desire. It answers the call for a product different from formal, classic and sumptuous books, allowing to choose a simple and fresh product instead, ideal for those who love a combination of modern aesthetics and practicality.

The Design

A state-of-the-art product where layouts are the main characters. Young is a book of minimal lines, composed by different elements combined in a refined harmonic balance of materials and shapes, which become the focal point of a line reflecting the personality of those who choose it.

Young Book represents going beyond of a formal and yet unsurpassed limit, where the book was obtained through the creation of thick covers, with a round spines. Today curves disappear, covers get thinner making way to the essential shapes of the box and book for a minimal and simple result which denotes a strong avant-garde taste.


The Wedding Book. Love at first sight.

The art and passion of the photographers, the sensibility, expectations and dreams of the couples, the emotions and amazement of their loved ones... all these feelings take form in a book that you will love at first sight. Graphistudio shapes your dreams thanks to a world-class quality and a style that expresses all the charm of the Made in Italy.
The extraordinary result of a 20 years journey of discovery is called Wedding Book. An exceptional product that enhances the photographic reportage by combining printing art with the prestigious editorial layout of the most celebrated projects.
The choice of formats, papers, covers, coordinated accessories and prices is amazingly wide: the perfect option to produce your own, unique, book and to perfectly satisfy all your needs.


Primo Book

A stream of emotions, a cinematographic story telling a tale through a sequence of faces, looks and precious moments. Nothing will be lost, and you will be able to relive that day endless times, and from endless different perspectives too. After all, today photographers shoot huge amounts of pictures, so why having to accept forced choices and selections when you can have them all? This is the strength of the Primo Book, a book giving room to all the memories you want!